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Construct your own wheel
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    Baseprice € 45,00
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Total wheel:
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€ 45,00

Put together your own wheel in 3 steps This is possible from around € 55

Choose hub, rim and spokes and order.

Within a few days you will receive your newly spoked wheel. You can use your old hub and / or rim again if they are still good.We use spokes exclusively from ourselves, we work with SAPIM and Alpina

We do not do wheels with straight pull spokes, only J-bend spokes

f you have purchased a hub and / or rim elsewhere, we can also do this for your spokes / braids.

If we need to use parts from you, you can send it to our address: Coloradodreef 30-32 3565 BV Utrecht. If you want to bring these parts yourself, check the Homepage for opening times.
Questions, don't hesitate to ask them by email info@vlechtservice.nl

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